4021 RO BW Membrane -1000 GPD

4021 RO BW Membrane -1000 GPD

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Product Description

1,000 Gallon Per Day 4021 Thin film membrane XLE* 4" x 21" Composite Polyamide Membrane.

Recommended Operating Parameters:

Pressure: 30 to 300PSI, Overall performance improves with pressure pH: 4.0 to 11.0, 2.5 during cleaning cycles is ok Temperature: 40 to 110 F, Size element GPD to lowest water temperature during the year Minimum Concentrate Flow, 5 times Permeate Flow, lower ratios increase the chance of fouling Maximum Feed Flow Turbidity: 5 NTU Maximum Feed Silt Density: 5 SDI, Approximately 1/3 of total chlorine in feed permeates the membrane Chlorine Tolerance: 0, Total removal recommended. The membrane has approximately 1000 ppm-hr tolerance Minimum TDS Rejection: 95%, 97 to 98% is typical on most city water.

Rating is based on 77°F, 125 PSI, 15% recovery